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Marcia Gagliardi grew up in Athol, Massachusetts in the heart of the beautiful North Quabbin Valley. For more than a decade she inspired high school students in the study of composition, literature, and humanities—mentoring award-winning newspaper and journalism efforts.

Marcia has worked as a journalist, museum educator, teacher, and for the previous XXX years as the proprietor of Haley’s Publishing. Her depth of knowledge allows her to edit manuscripts featuring diverse genres including poetry, music, biography, memoir, regional history, plays, nature, visual art, and social justice.

Passion for her local communities guides Marcia to edit and publish Uniquely Quabbin, a magazine featuring writers, photographers, and artists from the greater Quabbin area.

As a teenager in the 1960s Marcia developed an interest in civil disobedience and continues as a staunch defender of social justice.

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