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Kathleen Bennett

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Only three years after my Confirmation in the Church, still a teen and not quite married, I became pregnant while engaged to a non-practicing Christian.

I fell away from the Catholic church when we got married by a Justice of the Peace. Not long after, while we were raising two young children, my husband joined his sister’s religion, Jehovah’s Witnesses, of which I was vehemently opposed.

A friend of mine advised me the best thing I could do was to study the Bible for debating my husband with confidence. My friend was a Baptist, and I soon found myself attending her church. Oh, how convoluted our lives became!

I have a lot more to say about the twists and turns ensuing from all of that, but let’s simply fast-forward to 2009 when I got the courage and the welcomed nudging of the Holy Spirit leading me back to my beloved Catholic church.

And now I feel a sort of calling to bring God and Christianity back into dialog in a troubling autonomous society that has little knowledge of, or concern about God and God’s love, mercy and strength while journeying here on earth and into all eternity.

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