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Paula Francis

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I  grew up in a quintessential sixties neighborhood during the bellbottom years but to my chagrin, not early enough to be a Woodstock hippie. Born into a lower-middle class family in Massachusetts, my childhood years set the stage for spiritual-seeking and the pursuit of a meaningful life. Later, Vermont became my home in the  where I raised my three grown daughters who are loved to the moon and back. 


Always looking to improve the lot of society, I worked in areas which focused on building conditions which support individual and community wellbeing, including co-founding Gross National Happiness USA.  That, in addition to all my life's experiences, led to my walk around the country  which became a pilgrimage as much as a project. It is a journey that has changed me down to my DNA.


Today, you can find me moving around the country on wheels rather than on my calloused feet. If you see me, stop and say hello.

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