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Scott Schaeffer-Duffy

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Scott Schaeffer-Duffy was born on July 22, 1958 in Woonsocket, RI. He was Charles and Barbara Duffy's  fourth of seven children.


In 1980, earned a BA in religious studies from the College of the Holy Cross and spent the following year as a novice with the Capuchin Franciscan Friars.


He worked in restaurants and human services before spending eighteen months at the Saint Benedict's Catholic Worker in Washington, DC where he married another Catholic Worker, Claire Schaeffer, in 1984. Claire and Scott moved to Worcester, Massachusetts, where, along with three friends, they founded the Saints Francis & Thérèse Catholic Worker.


 Claire and Scott have been peace activists, writers, and providers of shelter for the homeless for more than thirty years. They have been avid long distance runners since 2009.

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