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What Haley's Offers

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Haley's Publishing is a full-service publishing house with experience in a wide range of genres including books on poetry, music, personal memoirs, pictorial memoirs, social activism, children's books, fiction, and periodicals.

For more information call Haley's   978.249.9400

Our Services Include

Manuscript Developement

Marcia Gagliardi works with authors to bring out the best of their story, character development, dialogue, and descriptive passages while monitoring narrative voice and overall pace.

Copy Editing

Haley's team of copy editors tenaciously examine the content of your manuscript for readability, consistency, grammatical and typographical errors, and quality of material.

Printing & Distribution

Haley's works with a large professional printing service to get you the best quality at a reasonable price. Your book will be distributed to most major online booksellers.

Press Release

Professionally written press releases sent to local media outlets and supplied to the author for further marketing purposes.


Staying true to the Chicago Manual of Style, Marcia uses her experience and expertise to review grammar, content, and clarity with the eye of the uninformed reader. This results in a clean manuscript to forward to the copy editor.

Design & Layout

Haley's works with you to fulfill the vision you have for your project. Professional typesetting, layout, and formatting are only part of our services. We will work with your graphic designer or offer alternatives to provide the best options for your project. 


E-Book sales are on the rise. Haley's will provide you with options for e-book formatting.

& More

Marcia and her team work closely with authors, share their knowledge and expertise, and work diligently to provide the best possible outcome for your project. Haley's Publishing will guide you through every step of the process while you will keep control of your manuscript.

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"I credit Haley's Publishing for launching my career as an author. I began as a person with no formal writing experience and have become an award winning published author of a memoir, children's book series, and mystery/intrigue fiction series. Thank you, Marcia, for taking my hand and walking me through this amazing world of words."

Christine Noyes

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